honestly you could tell me you donate money to charities weekly and recycle and never use electricity and only use candles and coal and read books at home and that you rescue animals daily and that you read books to homeless children

but what you say about benedict cumberbatch is the true expression of who you are as a person

so fuck all of you who sneer at him or laugh at any aspect of his person, you’re all lower than low

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castieltheunicorn: never forget preach tw


90% of my problems with the 8th season of supernatural come from the abrupt dismissal of the fact that for 7 seasons, sam has been canonically known to go completely batshit insane whenever he thinks dean is dead/not in the same universe as him. healthy is good but un developing a character is not

give me crazy, codependent, mentally unstable murderous sam winchester whos brother is his only tether to humanity and once that is gone he completely lacks identity or give me death. 

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preach spn season 8



dean would beg to differ you sacrificial little shit

#jesus christ man #benny is just so fucking /good/ #if you hate benny i’m literally going to find you and take a shit on everything you love#because tell me what the fuck this cuddly angel bear has done wrong #he is so fiercely loyal and forgiving and understanding #can you imagine him as part of team free will #he would be the peace maker #everyone else is brooding and shouting and holding grudges or hiding their feelings #benny wouldn’t take any of that shit man he would stay calm and get people to be rational #YOU HAD SO MUCH POTENTIAL I AM JUST SO MAD

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PREACH i just don't ship dean/benny das all BUT BENNY BBY SPN SEASON 8 WHY

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preach john green accurate



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preach gollum ugh taylor swift


Ian McKellen, explaining why The Hobbit should be seen [x]

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preach ian mckellen

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preach tom hiddleston benny u so nice


You can be a fan of something and still see flaws in the writing, characterization and continuity.

You can be a fan of something and dislike the writer/s and their writing style/s.

You can be a fan of something and notice and discuss problematic elements of it.

You can be a fan of something and critique and analyze it.

You can be a fan and do none of the above.

Stop judging others for how they choose to enjoy their media or their opinions and beliefs.