Hey guys! Friendly reminder to be careful what  tags you go in today. A large group of people from 4Chan have decided to post graphic gore and rape/rape threats all of the social justice, fandom, and feel-good tags! Please be very careful, and avoid going through the tags if you can. Many Tumblr users are retaliating by spamming the affected tags with adorable baby animals and happy things as to help people who get triggered into panic attacks or just get squeamish from the explicit content; however, you WILL still come across posts by the 4Chan users. 

Below the cut is a list of tags we know for a fact are affected. 

Stay safe today, friends! Have a happy Fourth!

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x-men twitter parodies are my fave

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hi here’s tom hiddleston kissing hadley fraser bye

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don’t ever let a man tell you the condom is too small

m o i s t u r i z e m e

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oh jesus christ this is so whack but that doctor who reference nice dw


#they literally had to take this out because it was so gay

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deleted scene xmfc cherik




stop playing the victim. that’s not even a real instrument



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For me, being able to be vulnerable is difficult, but it’s just something that I feel comfortable doing. I need to fully understand why, the thought-process behind the character and I have to believe it. That comes from a lot of preparation. -Logan Lerman

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no logan lerman



wear a different perfume when you commit murder fuckin amateurs 


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